The very first words in the Bible are found in the Old Testament book of Genesis: 

IN THE BEGINNING God created the heaven and the earth.

Beginnings # 1:

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are blessed to have other scriptures in addition to the Bible which helps them understand that the beginning of this earth is not the beginning of everything back throughout the eternities. This planet earth is only one of God’s creations. Revelations recorded in the Pearl of Great Price give evidence that such is the case.

For instance, Moses 1:27-38 records the glorious revelation God granted to Moses concerning His innumerable creations: 

27 It came to pass, as the voice was still speaking, Moses cast his eyes and beheld the earth, yea, even all of it; and there was not a particle of it which he did not behold, discerning it by the Spirit of God.

28 And he beheld also the inhabitants thereof, and there was not a soul which he beheld not; and he discerned them by the Spirit of God; and their numbers were great, even numberless as the sand upon the sea shore.

29 And he beheld many lands; and each land was called earth, and there were inhabitants on the face thereof.

30 And it came to pass that Moses called upon God, saying: Tell me, I pray thee, why these things are so, and by what thou madest them?

31 And behold, the glory of the Lord was upon Moses, so that Moses stood in the presence of God, and talked with him face to face. And the Lord God said unto Moses: For mine own purpose have I made these things. Here is wisdom and it remaineth in me.

32 And by the word of my power, have I created them, which is mine Only Begotten Son, who is full of grace and truth.

33 And worlds without number have I created; and I also created them for mine own purpose; and by the Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten.

34 And the first man of all men have I called Adam, which is many.

35 But only an account of this earth, and the inhabitants thereof, give I unto you. For behold, there are many worlds that have passed away by the word of my power. And there are many that now stand, and innumerable are they unto man; but all things are numbered unto me, for they are mine and I know them. . . .

37 And the Lord God spake unto Moses, saying: The heavens, they are many, and they cannot be numbered unto man; but they are numbered unto me, for they are mine.

38 And as one earth shall pass away, and the heavens thereof even so shall another come; and there is no end to my works, neither to my words.

And part of a conversation between the Lord and His prophet Enoch also alludes to God’s creations of innumerable earths: (Moses 7:28–31)

28 And it came to pass that the God of heaven looked upon the residue of the people, and he wept; and Enoch bore record of it, saying: How is it that the heavens weep, and shed forth their tears as the rain upon the mountains?

29 And Enoch said unto the Lord: How is it that thou canst weep, seeing thou art holy, and from all eternity to all eternity?

30 And were it possible that man could number the particles of the earth, yea, millions of earths like this, it would not be a beginning to the number of thy creations; and thy curtains are stretched out still;and yet thou art there, and thy bosom is there; and also thou art just; thou art merciful and kind forever;

31 And thou hast taken Zion to thine own bosom, from all thy creations, from all eternity to all eternity; and naught but peace, justice, and truth is the habitation of thy throne; and mercy shall go before thy face and have no end; how is it thou canst weep?

Beginnings # 2:

            In our last Blogpost, we introduced a new book titled ADAM: The Archangel Michael, The Prince of All, The Ancient of Days, The Father of All MankindObviously, the book deals in part with the creation of this earth and with Adam and Eve as this earth’s first inhabitants. But we didn’t go into detail on the creation.  

            To better focus on it, we’re attaching to this blog a more comprehensive treatment. This is our Helpful Handout #108THE CREATION OF THIS PLANET EARTH: Insights from the Pearl of Great Price Books of Moses and Abraham.

Creation of this planet earth cover

The selected verses cited will provide you with an ample platter of food for thought!

Beginnings # 3:

It’s now the middle of August. School is starting soon across the country—it’s the beginning of a new school year! Lots of goals are being set and new resolutions are being made. 

If you’re not already into a personal daily scripture-reading program, we encourage you to set a daily-reading scripture goal now. Decide what you want to read between now and December 31st and get started! 

To help you set your personal reading goal, we’re including a copy of the useful chart:

 Scripture Reading-time Calculations

Scripture reading time calculations

This chart can help you choose which scripture(s) you want to read in the next four months. Make a wise choice, then get started and stick to your schedule. If you miss a day, be sure to make it up and get back on schedule by the end of each week.