Easter is just passed, and as usual, there have been inspirational depictions of Jesus in various programs and historic dramatizations produced worldwide by religious organizations.  Religious movies produced during past decades have been reshown. 

Jesus is well-portrayed in “The Chosen,” a popular serial that is seen weekly on television. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has an actor playing Christ in numerous teaching films it has developed. 

The April 2023 NewsMax magazine presents “The Real Face of Jesus,” with a full-cover portrait of His face, and headlines a feature article: “New Evidence Emerges From the Shroud of Turin.” Referring to the historic shroud long on display at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy, the article begins: “Holy Evidence: New scientific findings point to the authenticity  of Jesus’ burial shroud—giving new meaning to his life, death and claimed resurrection.”  

First-person Descriptions of Christ in my book Life Everlasting

The book contains numerous fully-documented accounts of face-to-face conversations between persons with near-death experiences and the Lord Jesus Christ. In the descriptions cited in this article, I’ve only quoted a few descriptive statements and then provided a useful summary.

Ann: “The person was in a brilliant, brilliant light. I was fascinated. Even the hair was lit up, it was beautiful. In fact the person was so beautiful, it was a man, he had this . . . oh, I didn’t know that men could be that beautiful. I wondered who he was and he identified himself as my Savior, Jesus Christ. And I thought, WONDERFUL.” (LE, p. 62)

Joanne Jones: “I’ve never seen a more wonderful face in my life. . . . He was fairly young: I’d say around 35 or 40 years of age . . . I found him to be an extremely attractive person. . . . beautiful, with a strong, gentle face. He was a man, you could feel it, yet he was something else . . . he was this very gentle, beautiful, loving male entity.”  (LE, p. 63)

Cynthia Prueitt (then at age seven): “Seeing this man with a beard sitting there, I ran up to him and climbed onto his knees. He gathered me in his arms and . . . began to comfort me. He gave me such a warm, warm feeling of love, and . . . I’ve never felt anything like it. It was warm, it was love, it was joy—I didn’t want it to end. It was the most thrilling feeling I had ever experienced before or since.”  (LE, p. 63)

Cynthia Prueitt: “He was a handsome man with the most kind face I had ever seen. He had wonderful eyes: they were soft and kind, . . . His face was smooth and kind, with a beard. . . . He seemed to be dressed in an effervescent, Clorox-white, robe which shone. . . . I could feel His hands. He had beautiful large hands and broad shoulders. It was the most wonderful thing to be held in his arms.” (LE, p. 66)

Lucy: “While I was praying . . . I saw Christ. I saw him, like you, and he put his hands out to me . . . . He was a being of light, mostly. And his robes were of a blue-tinted light. He seemed to be a very strong man, very gentle, but very strong. . . . most of him was light . . . and the light sort of encompassed the room. (LE,  p. 64)

Debbie: “His hair was long and sandy-blonde, with a nice wave in it. He was bearded with a smooth face, and His eyes . . . were the bluest blue I had ever seen: they were a clear see-through blue. There was warmth, there was love, there was compassion in his eyes. I couldn’t look away from him. . . .He was wearing a white gown . . . There was light all around Him; it actually stood off of Him. It was an energy; . . . It was white, with a blue tint.” (LE, pp. 65-66)

Mike: “He was radiantly beautiful, dressed in a white robe, and He had long brown hair. His dress and appearance were that of the Lord—He showed me the nail prints in His hands . . . . They were on his wrists.” (LE, 66)

Eloise Weaver: “Jesus was all dressed in white, and He was very handsome. His eyes were the most wonderful blue, and there was the most warm, wonderful feeling emanating from Him. . . . I knew it was Jesus. His beautiful face. His countenance, His hair, it was a beautiful brownish-golden color. And those wonderful big blue eyes. He had a little beard—and when He put His hands on my head I felt His strength. It was a strength that I felt through my whole body. I’ll never forget the feelings that I had in His presence. [His clothes] were white; they covered His arms down to his wrists, and they were open at His neck a little way. They were flowing, and white; and the room was gold and blue and pink. It was just wonderful /. . . There was an aura coming off of him. And the feeling. I’ll never forget the feeling of His hands on my head. (LE, pp. 66-67)

Jack: He had a thin, fine-featured face, and he was wearing a beard. His hair was long behind Him. He was wearing a straight robe that was gray in color, against a background that was gray. (LE, p. 67)

Dallas: “My whole being focused on this magnificent personage standing before me. . . . The robe he was clothed in was white beyond any description, with a beautiful sash in the middle—it was gorgeous. His hair was long and it was a golden-brown color, and he had a beard. 

Summary of the Descriptions of Our Lord Jesus Christ

In summary, based on the above and other descriptions found in Life Everlasting, the descriptions portray the Savior as being

  1. fairly young, appearing to be 35 to 40 years of age
  2. approximately six feet in height
  3. extremely attractive, a handsome man
  4. wearing a small beard
  5. having wonderful blue, love-filled eyes
  6. having a smooth, kind, thin, fine-featured handsome face with no timelines
  7. having beautiful golden-brown hair, rather long
  8. being strong, but of average stature, with broad shoulders
  9. having large, strong hands, but still having nail prints in his hands and wrists
  10. radiating intense light, which sometimes makes him appear translucent, and may affect observers’ perceptions of his hair color