No matter whether it’s basketball, football, baseball, soccer, or any other sport, If you’re a faithful sports fan, you get to know the names and recognize the skills of the key players on your favorite teams. You know the teams’ past wins and losses—their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing them is essential to understand what’s really going on as the games you watch unfold. 

But how much do you know about history’s most powerful team of all—the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ? Where are their names listed? What were their backgrounds? Their family connections, their strengths, and weaknesses? Their personal histories after their coach, Jesus Christ, was gone? 

The answers to some of those questions are found in two attached documents: Scriptural Lists of Christ’s Apostles, and Notes on Christ’s Apostles in the Meridian of Time. Having these lists and biographical sketches will help you to “know the players” and understand their wins and losses as history unfolds. 

The lists cover both the New Testament apostles and the twelve disciples Christ chose when he appeared in the Book of Mormon’s land Bountiful.