A parable is a story used to illustrate one or more lessons about real-life situations. Jesus, a master storyteller, often created and used parables as examples to illustrate general how-to-live principles. He was and still is a master teacher. 

In New Testament times He taught in different ways, but one of his favorite teaching tools was to tell parables—true-to-life stories that taught how to live and act in many common-life circumstances. Through parables, He taught his listeners about how to live in ways that were pleasing to God—eternal concepts that would bring them happiness—on earth and in heaven.  Matthew 13:34 says that when he spoke to a crowd he always would include parables in his teachings.

Some of them were “similitude parables:“ short examples to which his listeners could easily relate. Others were “exemplary parables:” longer tales cast in well-known settings—examples of situations with real-life outcomes and meanings.

His inspired lesson-teaching parables are still meaningful to us today. They’re well worth studying, pondering, and applying in our daily lives. 

Parables of Jesus Christ

Included below is a list of 60 of His best-known parables. You’re invited to read them, ponder, apply, and reap the blessings that will follow!